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Risk Consulting is a professional journal on Risk Management and loss prevention. The Risk Consulting is one of the oldest client magazines in the Nordic countries, the origins go back more than 100 years.

cover page of Risk Consulting issue 2/2019.

Risk Consulting 2/2019

Preventing solar panel fires
Recently, media outlets from Japan to Norway have raised questions around fire safety and solar panels. 

How your employees can help prevent cyber-attacks
Cyber-attacks can cause serious business disruptions. Your own employees play an important role in fighting cyber threats every day.

Understanding external dependencies
Dependencies on any parties outside the company can be impacted by perils such as fire, machinery breakdown or natural hazards.

Climate change impact preparedness
Are Norwegian cities prepared for extreme weather, which climate researchers believe eill be increasingly common.

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the cover page and first opening of risk consulting magazine 2/2019

Risk Consulting 1/2019

Li-ion batteries - a fire hazard
What are the risks around Li-ion batteries? Take a look at our top tips for better battery safety.

Physical security controls for IT and ICS 
Learn about damages caused by unauthorised physical access to data carriers.

Sustainability in claims and loss prevention
Incorporating environmental targets into claims and loss prevention.

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