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If's risk management magazine is one of the oldest client magazines in the Nordic countries. Its origins go back more than 100 years.

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  • Trends in ransomware

    Ransomware is a very powerful weapon, causing a disproportionately high amount of disruption for the financial gain. In 2020, the ransomware business has further evolved, and the criminal gangs have come up with new business models. 

    How ransomware has evolved?
  • Taking the Assume Breach approach

    Against current and future cyber threats, it is important to have an ‘Assume Breach’ mindset. Sooner or later, a cyber incident will inevitably happen. Whether the attack is a smaller or bigger incident, it’s crucial that you have prepared yourself for such a situation.

    What is an ‘Assume Breach’ mindset?
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  • decorative image.

    COVID-19 disrupts supply chains

    One of the outcomes of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak has been the impact on global supply chains. These disruptions have impacted economies around the world and put companies at serious risk, interrupting the flow of goods and services in the global economy.

    What are the impacts of the pandemic?
  • empty industrial venue

    Shutting down operations in an emergency

    An unplanned shutdown of operations, whether due to a strike, catastrophic equipment failure, a pandemic, or other unforeseen sudden events is always a difficult decision that is ultimately harmful to business operations. Often such incidents can occur when least expected.

    How to reduce the risk
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  • big contstructions site office building and crane.

    Protecting your project from start-up delays

    When does a project need Delay in Start-Up (DSU) cover? Are you prepared for unexpected delays in your project? Learn how you can protect your project and ensure that DSU risks are properly managed throughout the project.

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  • unfinished office building construction site.

    When the work stops

    Although many CAR/EAR projects are delivered smoothly, construction projects can face delays and unforeseen challenges that impact construction or erection works. Standstills and the temporary suspension of work on any project can lead to serious losses.

    See top tips to avoid losses in CAR/EAR projects
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  • lightning strikes solar panels.

    Solar panel fires

    Recently, media outlets from Japan to Norway have raised questions around fire safety and solar panels. Even when fires occur for reasons unrelated to solar panels, these modules can in fact play a role in both the intensity and speed of a spreading blaze.

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  • fierce warehouse fire.

    Hydraulic oil fires - what to look for?

    The most simple and reliable way to prevent a hydraulic oil fire is to replace mineral oil with non-combustible fluid. Using electric or pneumatic drives instead of hydraulic drives will also prevent hydraulic oil fires. 

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