Risk Consulting 3/2022

New technologies are changing the game. The speed of digital development, alongside the implementation of these new technologies, will grow substantially over the coming years.

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    Integrating cybersecurity and ESG

    As part of ongoing risk management efforts to protect critical infrastructure and data, companies should consider integrating an ESG program into their cybersecurity strategies.

    Dan Rider 01/12/2022
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    The risks of stockpiling fuels

    With rising inflation, the ongoing war in Ukraine, and multiple geopolitical security of energy supply challenges, particularly in natural gas, the looming winter energy crisis in Europe has many companies concerned about guaranteeing business continuity. As a result, some companies have begun stockpiling alternative fuels on their manufacturing sites.

  1. Article

    Solid relationships foster efficiency

    NCC and If Insurance have had a long-standing relationship across the last two decades. If provides insurance products and risk consulting services and other solutions to support NCC in their daily operations around the world.

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    FERMA Forum hits participant record in 2022

    This year, the FERMA Forum 2022 was held in Denmark at the Bella Centre in Copenhagen. Achieving its highest number of participants ever, a total of 1820 people attended the event, setting a record in the history of FERMA. 

    Visitors at our booth in FERMA.
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    Fatigue in work-related accidents

    Fatigue is a growing concern in working life today and an issue that requires attention in occupational safety and health management. 

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    A wake-up call for risk management

    Why should we bother about employee fatigue?

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    Mind your focus

    We now truly live in an era of information overload, and working life is moving faster than ever. How does this affect our attention?

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