High risk areas

Cargo insurance in high risk areas

If P&C Insurances's Marine cargo insurance as well as war and strikes insurance is in most cases automatically in force world wide. There is no obligation to declare, nor is any additional premium charged for these transports.

However, in certain high risk areas the insurance cover is in force only when agreed upon in advance with If P&C Insurance. Possible additional premium for insurance cover in these areas is decided on a case by case basis.

Changes to risk scores methodology

Please note that the former band Severe (3.2 – 10.0) has now been broken down into three new categories: Very high (3.2 – 4.3); Severe (4.4 – 6.4) and Extreme (6.6 – 10.0). This change took place in 5th October 2015.

These high risk areas are listed below.

The list is based on the recommendations of the intelligence company Exclusive Analysis in London. See the whole Watchlist.

Updated November 8th, 2021

List of High risk areas

Location Risk
Very high (4.3)
Brazil (BR-116 Highway Curitaba- Sao Paulo; SP-330 Highway Uberaba-Santos port; BR-116
Highway Rio de Janeiro-Sao Paulo, BR 050 Highway
Very high (3.3)
Central African Republic​
Very high (4.1)​
Very high (3.4)
Very high (3.5)
Gulf of Guinea, in the sea area between 4°30'W 5°8'44.274"N and 3°6'13.966"W 2°20'12.8"N in the west, and 9°46'18.636"E 2°20'12.8"N (Cameroon-Equatorial Guinea border) in the east
Very high (3.3)
Very high (4.0)
Very high (3.6)
Severe (5.0)
Very high (3.8)
Mexico (Estado de México-Puebla-Veracruz highway; Estado de México-Querétaro highway, highways in Tamaulipas, Michoacán and Guerrero states, railways in Guanajuato state.)​
Very high (3.7)
Very high (3.3)
Occupied Palestinian Territory
Severe (4.5)
Persian or Arabian Gulf (and adjacent waters including the Gulf of Oman west of Longitude 58°E)
Very high (3.5)
Saudi Arabia
Very high (3.2)
Very high (3.8)
South Sudan
Very high (3.2)
Severe (4.6)
Severe (5.5)
Yemen (Marine: Territorial Waters)
Severe (6.0)