High risk areas

Cargo insurance in high risk areas

Our Marine cargo insurance, including war and strikes cover, is in most cases automatically in force worldwide. Usually there is no obligation to declare transports and no additional premium is charged.

However, in certain high-risk areas the insurance cover is in force only when agreed upon in advance with If P&C Insurance. Possible additional premium is decided case-by-case.

The high-risk categories are: Very high (3.2 – 4.3); Severe (4.4 – 6.4) and Extreme (6.6 – 10.0). These high-risk areas are listed below.

The list is based on the recommendations of the intelligence company Exclusive Analysis in London. See the whole Watchlist.

Updated on 13 May 2024

List of High risk areas

Location Risk
Very high (4.3)
Burkina Faso
Very high (3.2)
Central African Republic​
Very high (4.1)​
Very high (3.4)
Congo - Kinshasa (aka DRC) 
Very high (3.3)
Very high (3.2)
Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden and Southern Red Sea *
Severe (4.4)
Very high  (4.0)
Very high (3.9)
Very high (3.7)
Very high  (3.9)
Very high (4.2)
Very high (3.5)
Very high (3.3)
Occupied Palestinian Territory
Severe  (5.5)
Persian or Arabian Gulf (and adjacent waters including the Gulf of Oman west of Longitude 58°E)
Very high (3.5)
 Russia (Ground: within 200 km of the land border with Ukraine. Marine: Black Sea coast within territorial waters)
Very high (4.0)
Very high (3.8)
Severe ( 4.9)
South Sudan
Very high  (3.3)
Severe (4.8)
Extreme  (6.5)
Ukraine (Ground: Donbass conflict zone; Marine: Black Sea coast and Sea of Azov within territorial waters)
Extreme (6.6)
Severe (5.4)
Yemen (Marine: Territorial Waters)
Severe (5.9)

* Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden and Southern Red Sea

The waters enclosed by the following boundaries:

a) on the northwest, by the Red Sea, south of Latitude 18°N

b) on the northeast, from the Yemen border at 16°38.5’N, 53°6.5’E to high seas point 14°55’N, 53°50’E

c) on the east, by a line from high seas point 14°55’N, 53°50’E to high seas point 10°48’N, 60°15’E, thence to high seas point 6°45’S, 48°45’E

d) and on the southwest, by the Somalia border at 1°40’S, 41°34’E, to high seas point 6°45’S, 48°45’E excepting coastal waters of adjoining territories up to 12 nautical miles offshore unless otherwise provided.