Risk Management services for large enterprises

We at If work closely together with our clients to reduce loss exposures.

The largest risk management unit in the Nordic Insurance market

We are able to serve you globally with our Nordic Touch. You have access to the full range of our risk management services, regardless of where your business is located.

Many of our clients are large multinational organisations demanding high quality standards from their risk management operations and insurance partners.

We have extensive knowledge and experience of handling large and complex risks. This enables us to support your day-to-day risk management work and help you meet your business goals and requirements.

We have set high standards for ourselves in regard to providing highly competent risk management teams and risk management services for the benefit of our clients.

Our services include:

  • On-site surveys and other risk assessments with accompanying loss prevention reports.
  • Annual loss prevention summaries with benchmarking evaluations.
  • Management briefings on risk management findings.
  • Risk management involvement in large claims handling, and loss reports for major property claims.
  • Risk management project reviews.
  • Providing training for our clients.
  • Professional advice and consultative services on a daily basis.
  • Information sharing as regards learning from losses, industry loss drivers, emerging risks and loss prevention solutions.

Digital tools for risk management

We are by your side in helping you to improve your loss prevention level and thus, preventing losses from incurring.

Insight articles

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