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  • factory building ventilation pipes.

    How to shut down a factory building during a shutdown

    An unplanned emergency shutdown usually happens when you least expect it.  It is important that the site is prepared for an emergency shutdown, so that it can be managed in a controlled way.

    Learn how to reduce risks
  • empty cafe.

    Has your store or office been closed due to a shutdown?

    A store, office building or other facilities, that stands vacant faces an increased risk of loss. Damage to buildings can range from minor cosmetic damage to the complete loss of the facility.

    See how you can manage the risks
  • person working on a sofa with a pet on the feet.

    How to work safely and efficiently from home

    Today remote working is an integral part of our ways of working. Employees can face various hazards while remote working.

    Tips for successful remote working
  • block of flats.

    A look into 2020 with Skanska

    Karl-Johan Rodert, Insurance Manager at Skanska provides insights into the opportunities
    and challenges the construction industry faces today, and what lies ahead for 2020. What are the key trends? Opportunities and challenges?

    Read about trends in construction industries
  • men working at metro construction site.

    Delivering the 'Cityringen' project

    The ‘Cityringen’ project in Copenhagen was completed with the opening of the new M3 Cityringen line in September of 2019. The biggest infrastructure project in Copenhagen since the 17th century,

    Learn about many challenges during the construction phase
  • plastic packages for food.

    Wihuri Group minimises fire risks at the planning stage

    The packaging business of the Wihuri Group is one of the world’s leading producers of packaging materials for the food and medical supply industries. Managing fire risks will give an important competitive edge.

    Learn about taking safety aspects into account at early stage
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