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Li-ion batteries - a fire hazard

What are the risks around Li-ion batteries? Take a look at our top tips for better battery safety.

Learn about better battery safety
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Don’t touch this! Physical security controls for IT and ICS

Learn about damages caused by unauthorised physical access to data carriers.

Get to know physical IT controls
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Sustainability in Claims and Loss Prevention

Incorporating environmental targets into claims and loss prevention.

Learn about sustainability in insurance

Notify about impairments

In cases where you need to impair (disconnect) an automatic fire detection or sprinkler system or parts of these for a longer period than 24 h, notify If.

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Is the future a risk or an opportunity?

Many globally transient phenomena, or megatrends, are currently in progress, ranging from environmental to technological and economic developments. Heikki Aittokoski, foreign news reporter of Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, provided insights on this theme at If's Risk Management Day in Helsinki. 

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