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  • Putting fire safety first

    The likelihood of fire hazards in modular constructions has received new attention after the Moorfield Hotel fire in the summer of 2020. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the risk of fire hazards in especially modular and prefabricated buildings.

    Learn about fire hazards in modular constructions
  • Managing risks through If Login

    Our digital service, If Login, provides an overview of earthquakes and tropical cyclones worldwide. The unique insight increases awareness and provides an overview of potential risks.

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    COVID-19 disrupts supply chains

    One of the outcomes of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak has been the impact on global supply chains. These disruptions have impacted economies around the world and put companies at serious risk, interrupting the flow of goods and services in the global economy.

    What are the impacts of the pandemic?
  • factory building ventilation pipes.

    How to shut down a factory building during a shutdown

    An unplanned emergency shutdown usually happens when you least expect it.  It is important that the site is prepared for an emergency shutdown, so that it can be managed in a controlled way.

    Learn how to reduce risks
  • person working on a sofa with a pet on the feet.

    How to work safely and efficiently from home

    Today remote working is an integral part of our ways of working. Employees can face various hazards while remote working.

    Tips for successful remote working
  • As your insurer, we provide your company with insights and risk management expertise. Our new digital service, If Learning Hub, offers expert trainings in a wide variety of topics to enhance safety and reduce risks in your daily operations.