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Insurance solutions for large enterprises

Knowledge of various risks is a key factor in everything.

What are the challenges that companies face in their daily operations?

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  • Mitigating snow load risks

    The cold months are here, and with them come snow, wind, rain and ice. Even though accidents happen all year round, there are several incidents that specifically occur during the wintertime.

    How to prepare your business for the winter?
  • Managing Cargo risks and losses

    Protecting your goods in transit, or in intermediate storage in conjunction with an insured transit, from loss or damage is vital. For many manufacturing and wholesale businesses, the supply chain is an instrumental part of daily operations.

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  • Insiders, hackers and government attacks

    Cyber attacks are on the rise, both in intensity and frequency. Many companies are focusing on their IT security infrastructure and training employees to help prevent potential attacks.

    What do experts say about the future of cyber?
  • Why is safety research important?

    Safety research is a continuous effort to improve upon existing products, tools, materials, systems and equipment to ensure safe execution of a task. If is actively involved in safety-related research projects across the Nordics.

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  • Securing fire doors and fire sliding doors

    To see the importance of having fire rules and fire prevention work,
    we must turn back the time. Large city fires have been a major problem during the past. What should be considered with your passive fire protection? 

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  • Understanding electric vehicle fires

    The popularity of electric vehicles (EV) and the use of lithium-ion batteries is booming. However, the risk of fires in EVs has received attention due to widespread concerns. One such concern is related to the fumes that rise from a burning vehicle.

    Learn about the special risks with EVs
  • Need for a liability certificate?

    Now it’s possible to create certificates for Liability directly via If Login. When you need an insurance certificate, you can now access these anytime, anywhere, 24/7. The renewed service is fast and easy to use. Customise the certificate to suite your needs from the pre-filled policy details and then simply select the scope of cover you need.

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