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New issue of Risk Consulting

The health and wellbeing of employees are at the core of any company’s true success. A healthy workforce secures your business operations and keeps the work environment safe while helping to reduce the number of incidents and accidents.

This issue is focusing on employee health & wellbeing.

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  • Prioritising employee wellbeing

    Health and wellbeing have become increasingly important issues for employees in recent years. Likewise, prospective employees now also put far greater emphasis on healthcare and medical benefits when looking for new jobs and career opportunities.

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  • Accident investigations drive safety improvements

    Despite advances in safety and risk management, accidents and incidents happen. The outcome from an accident can vary greatly - sometimes almost identical chains of events can result in totally different outcomes. 

    Learn more about accident investigation
  • Securing fire doors and fire sliding doors

    To see the importance of having fire rules and fire prevention work,
    we must turn back the time. Large city fires have been a major problem during the past. What should be considered with your passive fire protection? 

    Read about the importance of fire prevention
  • Manage Motor claims in If Login

    Clients can now benefit from digital claims handling efficiency also for Motor claims in If Login. The If Login claim service was first introduced in 2019 for Property, Liability and Marine Cargo. Now we have added Motor to this service.

    Watch our digital claims handling video