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    COVID-19 disrupts supply chains

    One of the outcomes of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak has been the impact on global supply chains. These disruptions have impacted economies around the world and put companies at serious risk, interrupting the flow of goods and services in the global economy.

    What are the impacts of the pandemic?
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    Critical Infrastructure Resilience in Sweden

    Elsa Axelsdóttir and Rasmus Jonason Bjärenstam, both students at Lund University, studying in the Division of Risk Management and Social Safety won the Swedish Risk Management Association (SWERMA) award in 2019, sponsored by If P&C Insurance. Their essay, Critical Infrastructure Resilience, compared Swedish critical infrastructures based on interruption data.

    Learn more about the results and conclusion
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    5G and the VUCA world

    Digital disruption is about transformation, as conventional ways of doing business and working have changed irrevocably.  For companies, 5G technology opens up almost limitless possibilities when it comes to collecting and utilising data. To help grasp an uncertain future, it is important to seize opportunities and understand the risks simultaneously.

    Read why 5G matters
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    How to shut down a factory building during a shutdown

    An unplanned emergency shutdown usually happens when you least expect it.  It is important that the site is prepared for an emergency shutdown, so that it can be managed in a controlled way.

    Learn how to reduce risks
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    Has your store or office been closed due to a shutdown?

    A store, office building or other facilities, that stands vacant faces an increased risk of loss. Damage to buildings can range from minor cosmetic damage to the complete loss of the facility.

    See how you can manage the risks
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    How to work safely and efficiently from home

    Today remote working is an integral part of our ways of working. Employees can face various hazards while remote working.

    Tips for successful remote working
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