Barge shipments, off-shore or project shipments, or other extra-ordinary shipments such as towing large pre-fabricated building parts (e.g. parts to a ship or an oil-rig) are exposed to higher risks than common shipments. Therefore these shipments are also subject to a more thorough examination prior to be insured.

Towage information should be sent to marine cargo underwriters to provide them with necessary information for risk assessment - ahead of a barge shipment or a towing operation.

Written confirmation from underwriters is necessary to obtain valid insurance coverage. In case you need more information about insurance coverage and wording, please contact our marine cargo underwriters.

Towage information form

Please use this form when notifying us about shipments including barges and towage. You can fill in the form electronically, save it, print it and send it to us either by fax or e-mail.

Towage information form (pdf, 1 mb)