Here you can download our Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report

This is how we in If work with sustainability

If is committed to promoting sustainability, as it is central to the company and its stakeholders.

A sustainable development requires partnerships between governments, civil society and the private sector. Businesses have a key role to play, as we are investing in the technologies, products and, above all, people needed for a sustainable development. A well-functioning, sound and stable insurance market is of major importance to society at large. 

We provide social and economic security to customers through high-quality insurance products and have been working with environmental issues for many years. We are now broadening the scope and highlighting the links between the environmental, social and economic dimensions.

We have, based on interviews with customers, employees, management, partners and local community, and other research material identified five sustainability areas which form the base for our work:

  • Climate
  • Sustainable supply chains and materials
  • Work environment
  • Diversity and gender equality
  • Responsible business practices

You can read more about our sustainability work in If Sustainability Report 2019

Read more about our sustainability work

Below are interviews with customers and employees and examples of how we at If work with sustainability in practice in our various focus areas.

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Head of Sustainability If

Philip Thörn
Head of Sustainability If
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