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Why choose If as your property and business interruption insurer?

As a client of If your company will benefit from our  risk management tools like Loss Prevention report and particularly it's  risk improvement recommendations. You will have access to Property and Business Interruption Navigator to benchmark your risk quality.  We work closely with you and support you to improve the stability of your business.

If's underwriting and pricing principles are based on combining in-depth individual risk knowledge with the risk management advantages of writing a balanced portfolio in terms of industries, products and complete Nordic presence.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Property insurances

The property of your company can be insured with If's Fire Insurance or Extensive Fire Insurance, Machinery Break Down Insurance or All Risks Insurance.

Fire insurance

Fire insurance covers property damage caused by sudden and unexpected fire, smoke, soot, a sprinkler leakage, an explosion, a stroke of lightning or of the downing of an aircraft. In addition, fire insurance covers property damage caused by sudden and unexpected leakage, natural forces, robbery or theft through burglary.​

Machinery breakdown​ insurance

Insurance against machinery breakdown covers property damage caused by a sudden and unexpected event, excluding events covered by fire insurance. Insurance against machinery breakdown can be limited to external breakage, on the basis of which damage to the insured property caused by theft, malicious damage, falling, collision or an equivalent external, sudden and unexpected event is covered.

All risk insurance

All risk insurance covers damage caused by a sudden and unexpected event. However, only external breakage is indemnified. The insurance can be extended into extensive all risks insurance, which covers all damage caused by breakage​.

Business interruption

Business interruption insurance

Business interruption insurance offers a company protection against the financial consequences of sudden and unexpected property damage.

Business interruption insurance is the easiest, most reliable, and most affordable way for a company to ensure that its operations continue, despite property damage. This insurance provides stability even if operations are disturbed or interrupted, ensuring that the company's competitive and market positions are maintained in spite of property damage.

The insurable interest is defined so that, should damage occur, the company will achieve its net return, maintain liquidity and ensure its possibility to cover both staff and fixed expenses. ​​

Global Programme

Global Programme

The international property programme is an all-encompassing approach to property and business interruption damage risks created by If for our large or international clients. In addition to an extensive and coherent insurance cover, If offers high quality claims settling and risk management services through this programme.

If's international property programme helps to ascertain the implementation of a group's risk management policy and aims at making use of the company's own risk bearing capacity, risk transfer and loss prevention and optimising costs. ​

Project insurance

Project Insurance

The risks of projects can be covered with a construction and Installation Insurance or a CAR/EAR Insurance appropriate for international projects. This includes Advance Loss of Profits (ALOP) or Delay in Startup (DSU) coverage.

ALOP/DSU insurance provides financial stability against financial losses incurred as a result of a delay in project completion arising out of a valid claim under CAR/EAR policy.

A project is a time-limited, independent entity which normally includes machinery, buildings and infrastructure. Parties to a project may include the customer, a supplier with subcontractors, as well as designers, supervisors and investors. ​​​

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