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A liability risk involves the threat of the company or individual having to bear the consequences of damage or of breaching standards due to operations, a product, an act or negligence.

If offers you a complete range of insurances to ensure that your business has the appropriate coverage.

  • Compliance

    Compliant country or region specific insurance solutions​.​

  • Risk management

    Tools for the company's key liability risks.​

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    Insurance and claims handling partners in more than 170 countries.​​

If's liability insurances include special products such as Professional Indemnity, Crime, D&O and Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance. In order to handle the high risk area of liability insurances linked to exporting to and manufacturing in the USA, we operate through our competence center for US risks. This center consists of specialized underwriters, claims handlers and lawyers.​​

Is your organization protected against costly and potentially damaging liability or personal injury claims?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Product liability insurances

Product Liability Insurance

Product Liability means liability for damage caused by a delivered product and suffered by a person or other property. A company is liable for damage caused by products that it produces or imports. If's Product Liability Insurance covers the company's liability according to the legislation in force both in consumer and B-2-B trade.

Product Recall Insurance

Product Recall insurance covers the withdrawal costs of a defective product which is dangerous. Product safety legislation and the authorities may impose the withdrawal of the product or the implementation of other measures to be taken. Liable parties may be the producer, and in some cases the importer or the seller. Liability is based on the Product Liability Act. enacted as a result of the EU PL Directive of 1985.​

General liability insurances

General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance covers bodily injury and property damage caused by the company's operations to external parties for which the company is liable according to the legislation in force, e.g. the Damages Act.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This insurance covers bodily injury, property damage and financial loss caused to another party in relation to consultancy work performed e.g. by technicians, IT Consultants and Engineers for which the Policyholder is liable in accordance with the legislation in force and the general contractual terms of consultancy.

Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance

This insurance covers financial loss sustained by a company, shareholder or other person for which a director or officer of the company can be held personally liable in accordance with the applicable legislation. This insurance also covers legal defence costs.

Crime Insurance

This insurance covers financial loss caused to the insured through employee dishonesty. The insurance can be extended to also cover financial loss caused by a third party and the Insured's liability towards a contractual partner.

In each country we can also offer country specific products eg. Statutory Patient Insurance.

Errors and Omissions Insurance

The insurance covers financial loss caused to a third party as a result of the insured's advisory operations that the Insured is liable for according to legislation or the agreement in force. Errors and Omissions Insurance is tailored per line of business or company so that industry-specific contractual practices are taken into consideration. ​

Environmental liability insurances

Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance

Environmental impairment liability insurance covers gradually arising environmental damage for which the Policyholder is liable according to the legislation in force. A prerequisite for granting environmental liability insurance is that the company has performed a sufficiently extensive environmental risk analysis in relation to the nature of its operations.

Environmental Cost Insurance

Environmental cost insurance covers the insured's defence costs and the costs inposed by a competent authority to restore damage to protected species and natural habitats, water and soil. Liability is based on the European Environmental Liability Directive (ELD) which came into force in March 2004.​

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