If's social responsibility

We work for a safer society by preventing damage and sharing information.

We promote security

Insurance policies are intended to help private individuals and companies to reduce their risk-taking and to protect against unexpected financial losses. Whether it is a matter of building a house or running a company, insurance policies provide increased security to the individual person, the company and the community in general.

Insurance policies contribute to increased freedom of action and are therefore an important cornerstone of a community that is functioning well.

Our responsibility

In our role as the leading insurance company in the Nordic region, we fulfil an important function in the everyday lives of our 3.6 million customers. We ourselves usually contend that we, together with the judicial system, are one of the community's most important providers of security.

Our responsibility includes contributing to a safer community and an environment that is sustainable in the long term.

Actively contributing to a safer community

We are actively involved in community issues that have a natural link to If's business. We have a comprehensive programme for supporting safety initiatives in the broad meaning of the term in the communities within which we operate.

The objective is, in the long term, to counteract negative social phenomena such as traffic accidents, segregation and exclusion. We are also working actively to assist our clients personally to prevent accidents and incidences of damage.

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