Environmental work at If

If's environmental work aims to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. Measures are important because, in addition to improving the environment and working practices, they also reduce operating and damage costs.

If takes responsibility

Insurance companies have a relatively low burden on the environment by their own actions. However, we believe that any business, regardless of industry, must bear its responsibility for the environment.

The insurance company can take advantage of its expertise in promoting environmental issues in its own field of business. For example, If seeks to maintain a debate about a safer society from the point of view of environmental protection, as well as helping our customers to prevent environmental damage.

We also require that our suppliers of goods and services handle their own environmental issues first and foremost, from garages to construction companies and travel operators.

The insurance industry's environmental work

In the climate area, the insurance federations in the Nordic Region have collaborated since 2007 with the aim of creating a common platform for the Nordic insurance industry's climate work.

The insurance industry is also participating with other sectors of industry in various fora as government investigations where the goal is to reduce emissions of climate gases and implement the necessary adaptation of society to prevent damage caused by the changing climate.

We therefore engage in the general climate debate and participate in various environmental initiatives. Examples of these are: