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This cookie policy describes how If P&C Insurance Ltd (publ), company registration number 516401-8102, use cookies at

About cookies

A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a web page and stored in a user's web browser, mobile phone or other device.

There are two kinds of cookies:

Session cookies are set only during your visit at a web site. They are used to make sure the web site works well and can, as an example, keep items you have added to a shopping cart there while you move around on the web site.

Persistent cookies remain in your browser for a longer period of time. They can help our web site recognize your device the next time you visit our site or register your surf patterns.

There are also other technologies, such as pixel tags, web bugs, web storage and other similar files and technologies that may carry the same function as cookies. In this cookie policy, we use the term "cookies" for cookies and all similar technologies.

Session cookies, used to handle functionality on the web site, are not listed below.

The following persistent cookies are set for the purposes described:


Celebrus is used to collect data about how our web sites are used, eg what pages are visited and in what order they are visited during a usage session.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a service through which scripts, that might or might not set tracking and/or advertising cookies, can be handled in an efficient way. It also makes sure that these scripts are included in the web pages in an efficient way so that the pages load as quickly as possible.


Hubspot is a lead generation system that can be used eg for creating contact forms. Hubspot's cookie usage is described at Hubspot

Microsoft Application Insights

Used to collect statistical data about web site usage, load times and more. The cookie stores a unique identifier to recognize users on returning visits over time. The data is anonymous and is not connected to any identified individuals.

How to say no to cookies

If you want to opt-out of having cookies stored on your computer, you can choose to have the setting of not accepting any cookies in the security settings in your web browser. Common web browsers are Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

If you have this setting, no cookies will be stored from If's or any other web site, but you may also notice that some functions on our and other web sites does not work perfectly.

You can also change your web browser settings so that you get a warning every time a site is trying to set a cookie and you can then decide for each cookie if you want to accept it or not.

For more information about how to handle this in your web browser, visit

At there is more information about customized ads and how they are based on your Internet usage.

More about cookies

According to the Swedish law about electronic communications from July 25 2003, all visitors should be informed when a web site use cookies and they also have the right to refuse cookies to be stored in their web browser.