Business areas

If is the largest P&C insurer in the Nordic Region with a market share of 20 percent.

If belongs to leading non-life insurance companies in the Nordic countries

In Sweden, Norway and Finland, If belongs to leading non-life insurance companies with a market share of 19, 26 and 25 percent in each country. In the Danish market, which is more fragmented, If has a market share of 5 percent.

In 2002, If's brand was introduced in the Baltic markets and since 2009, the business has been coordinated in a joint company, If P&C Insurance AS, registered in Estonia. The operations in Latvia and Lithuania are conducted in branches.

Our broad Nordic presence enables efficient and cross-border solutions. If's clients with international operations are served through the company's branch office in France, The Netherlands, Great Britain and Germany.

The business is divided into customer segments within the Private, Business and Industrial business areas. The Baltics, with special market conditions, are a separate business area.


Privat is If's largest business area with 56 percent of total premium income.

We offer our customers a comprehensive range of non-life insurance in the Nordic Region, where we today are market leaders with 3 million customers.

The company works with several brands - If (the whole of Scandinavia), Europeiske (travel insurance in Norway) and various car brand insurance in cooperation with car manufacturers and brand stores.

Standard products and customized packages

Within the Business Area Private, we offer non-life insurance in the areas of home, car and health - such as child, adult, pregnancy, and accident insurances. We were first on the market for so-called large-scale insurance, where we have bundled all additions previously purchased separately, in a comprehensive package solutions that guarantees comprehensive protection for most insurance-related events.

Efficient claims handling

One of the keys to If's success is rapid and high quality claims handling. About 60 percent of the claims are handled within 24 hours. An increasing number of injuries can be reported on the web by our customers, which increases the possibility of rapid claims handling. We are very proud that approximately 90 percent of the company's customers give us a score of 4 or 5 out of 5 for claims handling at customer satisfaction measurements.

If handles over one million claims each year. We can safely say that no one has more experience than we have in terms of indemnifying for the damage and offering the best customer service. Our customers are in good hands if the accident occurs.


If is the market leader in the Nordic countries on providing insurances for companies

Business area Commercial has operations in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. Customers are small and medium sized companies with up to 500 employees. In total, the business area has around 330,000 customers and represents 29 percent of If's total premium income.

Standard and special insurance solutions

Most of the customers consist of small companies that demand standardized insurance products. For larger companies If offers individually tailor-made insurance solutions and advice.

Business Area Commercial offers non-life insurance, property, liability, motor, personnel and transport insurances.

Value for risk-conscious companies

Common to all customers is that If offers flexible insurance solutions for risk-conscious companies in the Nordic Region. We are strongly committed and focused on each individual company and their needs.

"We do not only insure companies across the Nordic Region, but also cover the companies' most important asset - their employees. Together we create the best and most flexible insurance solutions for each individual company," Ivar Martinsen, Head of Business Area Commercial.


Insurance and risk management solutions for large enterprises

The Business area Industrial has approximately 1,300 customers and accounts for 13 percent of our premium income. Customers are larger companies with a comprehensive and complex insurance requirement. The turnover of of the client companies is more than MSEK 500 and they have more than 500 employees.

Industrial will tailor-make the insurance and risk management solutions for its customers. The main products are property, liability, marine cargo, motor and employee benefits.

International network

We are a leading player in the Nordic market for industrial insurances. Customers have their base in the Nordic region, but many of them have business operations around the world. We offer international insurance services through our branch offices in UK, France, The Netherlands and Germany. In addition, we have a competitive, global network of partners.

"If insures large companies with operations worldwide, in competition with the largest insurance companies. We have some of the best experts, solutions and services, which means that the largest companies can feel safe with us."
Poul Steffensen, Head of Business Area Industrial


Insuraces for private an corporate customers

If started operations in the Baltic countries in 2002. Today, If provides insurance for both private and corporate customers in Baltic countries.

If combined its subsidiaries in Baltic countries into one legal unit in July 2009. The new company If P&C Insurance AS is based in Estonia and operates in all the Baltic countries. In Latvia and Lithuania, the company operates through branch offices.

Growing market

If is the market leader in Estonia with a 26 percent stake. In Lithuania, If's market share is 7% and in Latvia 11%. If has more than 300,000 customers in the Baltic countries.

"The financial crisis had a clear impact on the Baltic countries, but it is now booming. If is one of the largest players in the Baltic market, we are constantly striving to develop innovative insurance solutions for both private and commercial customers."

Andris Morozovs, Head of Business area Baltic