Business Areas

If is the largest P&C insurer in the Nordic Region with a market share of 20 percent.

If belongs to leading non-life insurance companies in the Nordic countries

In Sweden, Norway and Finland, If belongs to leading non-life insurance companies with a market share of 19, 26 and 25 percent in each country. In the Danish market, which is more fragmented, If has a market share of 5 percent.

In 2002, If's brand was introduced in the Baltic markets and since 2009, the business has been coordinated in a joint company, If P&C Insurance AS, registered in Estonia. The operations in Latvia and Lithuania are conducted in branches.

Our broad Nordic presence enables efficient and cross-border solutions. If's clients with international operations are served through the company's branch office in France, The Netherlands, Great Britain and Germany.

The business is divided into customer segments within the Private, Business and Industrial business areas. The Baltics, with special market conditions, are a separate business area.