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Bring learning to where your employees are

Whilst there is still a valuable place for face-to-face teaching and instructor-led training in an organisation, significant quantities of employee training and development can be delivered more effectively through online e-learning programmes.

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With Learning Hub your organisation can enhance the effectiveness of training programmes, increase engagement and improve information retention.

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Main benefits of our Learning Hub

It is available

You can access the Learning Hub 24/7, wherever you are located.

Your employees can learn new skills or refresh their knowledge any time of the day and wherever they need it. Our expert courses are available on-demand.

It is easy to use

Your employees will learn with If's leading experts. 

Digital learning makes it easier to meet different learning speeds and styles. Through an easy and intuitive platform, your employees will gain insights and become more efficient in their daily work. 

It is cost-effective

As there is no need to hire trainers and book venues, nor organise travel and hotels for trainings, your employees will spend less time away from their work. Learning Hub courses are not geographically limited and the content can be accessed anywhere in the world.

It is empowering

Support your employees to take responsibility for their own learning,

The learning materials are available for your employees at just the right time, when they need it. A personalised approach, with added insights provide a holistic learning experience.

It is easy to remember

Our interactive learning can engage your employees in various ways. The different training methods utilised make the content more engaging and memorable.