Video podcast: Zeroing in on the energy mix and the EU’s solar future

In this video podcast, we are diving into the new EU legislation on solar panels and the RePowerEU plan, that will have a huge impact over the coming years.

In the studio, we have If Insurance experts Lina Sundgren, Risk Engineer and Netta Keski-Keturi, Property Underwriter and Chairman of Energy Competence Center. The conversation is steered by Internal Communication Manager, Emilia Laurila where we ask:  

  • What does the future energy mix look like? 
  • What role will renewables play? What about oil & gas? 
  • What is RePowerEU? 
  • How will it impact our clients and society as a whole? 
  • What risks are involved with installing solar panels on roofs? 
  • How can these risks be minimised? 
  • What struggles will the fire brigade typically have with a solar panel fire? 

Aside from above, the conversation uncovers some of the risk analysis, tests, and research completed with our clients, which are part of continuous learning within the area of green energy and risk mitigation.  

New EU legislation on solar panels and the RePowerEU plan