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  1. Insights

    Mind your focus

    We now truly live in an era of information overload, and working life is moving faster than ever. How does this affect our attention?

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  2. Insights

    A wake-up call for risk management

    Why should we bother about employee fatigue?

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  3. Report

    Fatigue in work-related accidents

    Fatigue is a growing concern in working life today and an issue that requires attention in occupational safety and health management. 

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  4. Article

    Are you covered by an insurance when working remote?

    Remote working, or telecommuting, is a situation in which an employee works from a location other than their physical office or workplace. Remote work provides several benefits, such as the possibility to focus deeply on specific tasks that require uninterrupted concentration. However, working remotely also includes risks that employers and employees alike need to be aware of.

  5. Service

    Learning Hub

    Tools and trainings to promote safe performance in your company.

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