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  1. Insights

    Shipping electric vehicles safely 

    Rikard Sahl and Kristian Orispää, If 13/12/2023
    roro vessel loading electronic cars.
  2. Insights

    Managing hot work risks 

    In this article we examine how to manage hot work risks before, during and after working with an open flame. 

    person welding.
  3. Editorial


    Lessons from losses

    Poul Steffensen, Head of BA Industrial 11/12/2023
    photo of Poul Steffensen.
  4. Insights

    Well-ventilated containers protect goods

    Most goods shipped around the world are transported in containers. There are many different types and sizes of cargo transport units, but they all have one thing in common; the container must be in sound condition and properly vented.

    Rikard Sahl and Kristian Orispää 12/05/2023
  5. Article

    Solid relationships foster efficiency

    NCC and If Insurance have had a long-standing relationship across the last two decades. If provides insurance products and risk consulting services and other solutions to support NCC in their daily operations around the world.

    engineers on construction site.