FERMA Forum hits participant record in 2022

This year, the FERMA Forum 2022 was held in Denmark at the Bella Centre in Copenhagen. Achieving its highest number of participants ever, a total of 1820 people attended the event, setting a record in the history of FERMA. 

The theme of the event was Transitioning together, a very relevant topic that was reflected in speeches, presentations, and conversations with colleagues throughout the event.

Today, there is great pressure from regulators and investors alike on companies to recover from the ongoing economic challenges. From the COVID-19 pandemic, to rising inflation and gas prices following Russia’s attack on Ukraine, there are plenty of hurdles to overcome.

Making a meaningful transition in such a turbulent time is complex and demanding. Rising above the existing pressures of individual markets has been compounded with increased cyber risks, recruitment challenges, as well as managing increased levels of stress and fatigue among employees. Simultaneously, sustainability commitments must also be adhered to so that continued efforts for a greener and brighter future can be realised.

Visitors at If's booth in FERMA.

Managing risks today, and in the future

Head of Industrial, Poul Steffensen, was invited to present a 5-minute leadership pitch on stage in front of more than 800 attendees. During his speech, the focus was on digital transformation, the importance of strategic partnerships and the future of the insurance business.

Digitalisation is a key enabler for many companies in their transition to a better future. As an example, we see that modern analytical capabilities are opening the potential for AI and big data, providing better insights to user behaviour, and uncovering opportunities for growth. This in turn helps companies act, mitigate risks, and adapt to new situations quicker. Ultimately, this information will allow for more targeted risk management practices, and help build more robust strategies for loss prevention, all of which will play a role in improving performance and resilience for the modern company.

Poul Steffensen talking with visitors.

Networking and knowledge sharing

Many of If’s largest clients and prospects were in attendance, which created good opportunities to have a coffee together and host client meetings in If’s Hospitality Suite.

If Insurance had a booth of 100 square metres, creating an area that invited colleagues to engage in dialogue and network with others. According to Marianne Wiinblad, Head of Marketing and Business Development, “This year we wanted to highlight risks, including natural hazards and cyber, as well as showcase our digital services and how they can make the lives of clients and brokers easier. We also offered activities ranging from an earthquake simulator to a ‘Beat the hacker’-cyberattack challenge at our booth.”

Marianne Wiinblad with colleagues at If's booth at FERMA.

Wiinblad concludes, “In general, our clients were happy to visit our booth at FERMA, as well as clearly enjoyed the luncheon and meetings in the hospitality suite. If Industrial’s presence was valued, as it is the most important risk management event for insurers and clients, offering an important platform and venue to meet with many of our clients in a big conference event.”