Risk Consulting 3/2023

Large losses can cause long disruptions to a company’s operations, as the attention shifts from fulfilling the business strategy to cleaning up and restoring operations.

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  3. Insights

    Managing hot work risks 

    In this article we examine how to manage hot work risks before, during and after working with an open flame. 

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  1. Insights

    Putting expat safety first 

    Working together, we provide industry-leading services to help your expat employees feel safe and protected when they are working abroad.  

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  3. Insights

    Shipping electric vehicles safely 

    Rikard Sahl and Kristian Orispää, If 13/12/2023
    roro vessel loading electronic cars.
  4. Benefits

    Claims handling with If Login 

    If Login is a tool that many clients find extremely beneficial when processing a claim. 

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