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  1. city street view from usa.
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    Reflecting on the Ever Given incident 

    In March 2021, one of the world’s largest container ships, Ever Given, ran aground in the Suez Canal and blocked this important global trade route for six days. A year on, we take an insurer’s perspective on the aftermath of this highly publicised incident.

    Kristian Orispää, If 14/09/2022
    colourful cargo containers.
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    Driverless vehicles on the road 

    – how close is our autonomous future?

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    Data at the core of mobility

    Internet of Things, Big Data & Artificial Intelligence will fuel new partnerships and ecosystems in the Insurance industry.

    cars with wireless network symbol around them.
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    Do's and don'ts in recall management

    Learning that your product may cause injuries or damage is a stressful situation. It damages normal business and may affect the company's reputation and endanger future earnings and value. But, it is possible to prepare for it and take control of the needed measures, in a professional way.

    Matti Sjögren, If 04/07/2017