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    Strategic recall readiness for businesses

    In the landscape of product manufacturing and distribution, the prospect of a recall is an omnipresent risk that can affect any item on the market – from a simple toy to the most complex automobile.

    Originally published in 2015, written by Rikke Berlin Rasmussen and updated by Kimmo Hattunen, If (2024) 10/04/2024
  2. city street view from usa.
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    Renewable energy industry risks and insurance liabilities

    The need to accelerate the shift to low-carbon energy sources will require significant investments if the planet is to reach net-zero by 2050. However, there will be considerable challenges to come. In this article, we analyse the primary risks for the renewable energy industry sector as well as potential insurance industry liabilities moving forward.

    renewable energy sources, solar panel, windmill.
  4. plastic pollution in sea water.
  5. Odd Magnus Barstad, Head of Claims, and Nina Torgrimsby, Legal Norway