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    Recurring floods at High Chaparral

    In January 2023, large areas of High Chaparral, a wild west theme park in Sweden, was under water. In this article, we dive into the learnings from this flood event, the risk management plan put forward, and how the park was restored in time for the start of season on the 18th of May 2023.

    Caroline Bødkerholm, If 09/04/2024
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    Claims handling with If Login 

    If Login is a tool that many clients find extremely beneficial when processing a claim. 

  3. city street view from usa.
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    Renewable energy industry risks and insurance liabilities

    The need to accelerate the shift to low-carbon energy sources will require significant investments if the planet is to reach net-zero by 2050. However, there will be considerable challenges to come. In this article, we analyse the primary risks for the renewable energy industry sector as well as potential insurance industry liabilities moving forward.

    renewable energy sources, solar panel, windmill.