Claims handling with If Login

If Login is a tool that many clients find extremely beneficial when processing a claim. 

Clients and brokers can manage and follow their claims using the If Login portal. To increase transparency and further simplify the claims handling process for our clients, you can also discuss details with claims handlers directly. Everything relating to the claim is documented and can be accessed from a single location. This also includes the claim decision documentation.

If Login is a tool that many clients find extremely beneficial when processing a claim. With pre-filled registration forms, including company and user information, you can speed up registration, allowing you to swiftly begin entering your claim. Thanks to our email alerts, clients will be notified as soon as there is activity on their claim, and they can access these changes immediately by clicking a link in the email.   

Rather than having to go through separate documents when handling a claim, clients have a total overview of all claims in If Login, regardless how they have been reported to If. This increases efficiency and provides clarity on which claims are open and which have been closed.  

Clients also appreciate that multiple users can participate in the registration process and communicate with the claims handler, in a safe, secure, and GDPR compliant environment.  

Best-in-class digital claims

If Loging claims benefits: Register claim, follow the process, direct contact with claims handler, real time data, daily summaries, claims statistics

Value-adding features  

What does the If Login portal offer our clients? All documents relating to the claim documents, as well as the communications between client and the claims handler all located in the same place, customers also benefit from multiple features, including:  

  • Instant access to self-service certificates, including all lines of business. Issue your Property, Liability, Marine Cargo or Travel, Expatriate, Workers’ Compensation digital certificates 24/7 and within seconds.  
  • With If Login, the status of Global Programs for Property, Liability and Cargo are easily accessible. Clients can follow the progress of each local policy issued worldwide​. Whether working with ten, or ten thousand policies, the progress of all local policies can be reviewed on a single screen​. Customers can also monitor the progress as local policies are set up and see when policies are issued and paid locally. All global program information can be exported, for example to Excel, if needed.  
  • The Risk Map feature offers a global perspective in real-time. If Login provides the most up-to-date data and information on active policies, as well as highlights real-time events that may impact an office, factory or other facility​. All insured risks can be viewed on the map, including business locations, assets and employees​. Furthermore, clients can follow the progress of natural hazard risks at their business locations​. By using the filtering tool, benefits include further support in global risk assessment.  

Putting the customer first

Client perspectives drive new developments at If Login. According to Shelley Gao, Chief Product Owner at If Login, regular interaction with clients ensures that new solutions truly add value. Says Gao, “We actively work on our solutions and are committed to If Login’s competitiveness in the marketplace.”  

She also highlights that, “Clients especially appreciate the possibility to follow the claims process, keeping them up to date on how their claim is being handled. If Login is a tool that continues to gain new users as more and more clients are finding the benefits of managing claims digitally, and through a user-friendly interface.”  

Did you know?   

  • Clients and brokers in Nordic and Baltic countries can now sign in to the If Login portal using their Bank ID.  
  • You can use the If Login portal to access the Risk Management Library, the Learning Hub, which is loaded with valuable training courses, as well as all the latest Risk Consulting articles that cover expert risk management insights. 

The way our claims handling works

We handle more than half of the claims within 24 hours. In case of a large claim, we will be at a Nordic loss site within three hours, and outside Nordic countries within three days. We handle more than 2 million claims every year, so we have the best partner network of the Nordic insurance market.

Our partner network is not limited solely to the Nordic area; we provide international services in more than 170 countries.

You will get your own claims contact person, who will take care of you all the way. We will keep you updated throughout the process. You can relax and concentrate on your business.