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  1. Insights

    EU paves the way for a solar powered future

    The fear of rising energy costs, alongside concerns around energy security following Russia’s attack on Ukraine, are pushing governments and agencies to find solutions that will safeguard our modern way of life. 

    Anders Rørvik Ellingbø 18/10/2023
    solar powered future
  2. refinery gas dark pipes oil industy.
  3. Podcast

    How does Risk Management link to sustainable business practice?

    This article explores the environmental impact of fires, how fire safety improves business resilience and the current issues surrounding sustainability and risk engineering. Listen also to our podcast, you will find the link at the end of this article.

    industrial sprinkler spreading water.
  4. Preventing fires and emissions with data and technology 

    If’s top damage prevention experts help corporate customers build practices that focus on active damage prevention and the protection of the business. 

    Jussi Lehtonen photo.
  5. Charging Safety Rules 

    How can we help people to prevent fires and make them safer at home?

    charging mobile phone battery.