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  2. Benefits

    Claims handling with If Login 

    If Login is a tool that many clients find extremely beneficial when processing a claim. 

  3. Service

    Have you used our digital risk management services? 

    Are your employees aware of the cyber risks that we may face in our daily life? Or would you like to get help from If to onboard new employees and summer trainees? Accidents do not happen very often - luckily - so do you remember what to look for when starting the investigation?

    Salla Lind-Kohvakka 20/04/2023
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  4. Editorial


    Risk Consulting, issue 2/2022

    Poul Steffensen, Head of BA Industrial, If 14/09/2022
    poul steffensen photo.
  5. Insights

    Liability in the Digital Age

    The digitalisation of factories, surgical procedures and even toasters, is raising questions relating to liability. Who is liable if your e-toaster burns down your home? What happens when the artificial intelligence operating on a patient makes an erroneous decision?