Have you used our digital risk management services?

Are your employees aware of the cyber risks that we may face in our daily life? Or would you like to get help from If to onboard new employees and summer trainees? Accidents do not happen very often - luckily - so do you remember what to look for when starting the investigation?

Bring learning to where your employees are

The need to create these contents was identified some years back, as we identified that certain needs for information are similar between many companies. For example, many companies will hire summer trainees who need to be onboarded to safe working practices. Instead of providing expert trainings face-to-face (or over Teams) to some clients, we have published generic contents that are feasible for any client company. Accident investigation is another example of a popular training that is now available digitally. Instead of gathering a team of experts in a physical classroom for an hour or two, the training can now be completed at everyone’s pace whenever there is a time or need for it.

Our expertise available for you 24/7

With our digital contents your organisation can enhance the effectiveness of training programmes, increase engagement and improve information retention. You can integrate If trainings in your employee onboarding programmes and help refresh safety among colleagues with the help of If’s experts.

In addition, digital learning is a good way to strengthen the employees’ knowledge and skills allowing them to gain insights and work at their own pace for a solid learning experience. The contents can also be used for internal safety communication or to support a current safety-related activity within your company.

The Learning Hub content is built with theoretical and practical information, quizzes, different types of media and downloadable materials. The Risk Management Library is a place where we have collected relevant digital contents from various topics to “bookshelves”. In the Risk Management Library you can find a shelf for cyber risks, well-being, travel, Li-ion batteries and many more.

All your employees can access the contents with PC, tablet computer or mobile phone, 24/7, around the world.

Written by

Salla Lind-Kohvakka