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    Voices from the local markets

    Asia stands out as a vibrant and dynamic market for Property and Casualty insurance (P&C), marked by its expanding economies, rising incomes, and increasing urbanisation. However, recent trends indicate a slowdown in growth and rising challenges for insurers in the region, such as emerging risks like climate change and cyber threats.

    Vilma Torkko, If 24/06/2024
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    Thirty years in Ukraine

    Insurance Company INGO has 30 years of insurance expertise in Ukraine, running a network of about 25 branches across the country. As one of the largest insurance organisations in Ukraine, in terms of premiums written and owned capital, INGO possesses 29 licenses for different types of compulsory and voluntary insurance for corporate and retail clients.

    Kristian Orispää 27/06/2024
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    Navigating risks in global trade

    In global commerce, business is conducted where business is, from bustling city centres to the most remote corners of the world. For some, maintaining operations in foreign countries is the norm, not the exception. At If, we understand that while such locations can present unique transportation risks, it is often a risk worth taking.

    Kimmo Hattunen, If 24/06/2024
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    Managing maritime connections between Asia and Europe

    Global trade is facing multifaceted challenges causing longer delivery times, increased risks, and significant increases in costs.

    Caroline Bødkerholm, If 27/06/2024
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    Challenges in maritime connections between Asia and Latin America

    The following article has been re-published with consent from Mapfre Global Risks, a valued If Insurance global partner.

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    Vibrant insurance market in Singapore

    Several If Insurance clients have a presence in Singapore, for example, substantial marine cargo fronting policies are handled there by If partners. There have also been some large losses and we have gained experience in large claims handling together with our Singaporean fronting partners.

    Lisbeth Norrgård-Eklund and Sofia Åström, If 25/06/2024
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    Digital risk mitigation with Ping An

    Ping An Insurance is a valued partner of If Insurance, supporting our clients in their operations in China daily. Ping An started to establish the risk management system since 1995 and received ISO9000 certification of risk control system in 2016 and inaugurated its first fire risk lab in 2018, now becomes the first to conduct research and educate clients in this field in China.

    Oona Seppä, If 25/06/2024
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    India’s economic surge

    India's emergence as a global economic powerhouse is reminiscent of the rise previously seen in China. Now positioned as the world's fifth-largest economy, India offers a rich landscape for investment, especially appealing to Nordic countries keen on expanding their international presence. 

    Vilma Torkko and Katja Curtze, If 25/06/2024
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