Risk Consulting 1/2021

In this issue of Risk Consulting, we look at the challenges that companies face in their daily operations.

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Articles in Risk Consulting 1/2021

  • Hotwork continues to cause major fires

    Fire losses resulting from errors made and risks taken during hot work are all too commonplace. Failure to implement the simplest safety measures can result in expensive claims, impacting business operations from project delays to, in the worst case, loss of life.

    Learn how to limit fire incidents
  • Why trusted partnerships are valuable

    If P&C Insurance has a relationship with Essity that goes back several decades, as an insurer, reinsurer of the Essity captive and as a risk management service provider. If's Risk Engineers were actively involved in the planning and delivery stages of the Kostheim plant project.

    Read about collaborating to manage risks in a project
  • Mitigating snow load risks

    The cold months are here, and with them come snow, wind, rain and ice. Even though accidents happen all year round, there are several incidents that specifically occur during the wintertime.

    How to prepare your business for the winter?
  • Managing Cargo risks and losses

    Protecting your goods in transit, or in intermediate storage in conjunction with an insured transit, from loss or damage is vital. For many manufacturing and wholesale businesses, the supply chain is an instrumental part of daily operations.

    Read about our new insurance solution
  • The way we fly has changed

    Whether you are a business traveller or taking a journey for personal recreation, the way we travel has changed. There are some notable changes to preparing for travel, considerations to take into account while in your travel destination, and actions that need to be taken after your trip.

    What are the risks inveolved when travelling?
  • Accident investigations drive safety improvements

    Despite advances in safety and risk management, accidents and incidents happen. The outcome from an accident can vary greatly - sometimes almost identical chains of events can result in totally different outcomes. 

    Learn more about accident investigation

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The August Ramsay Foundation promotes loss prevention work in companies insured by If P&C Insurance Ltd (publ), Branch in Finland. The Foundation also supports practical and theoretical research by students within loss prevention and insurance. Awards are granted to persons and communities in Finland that have been taking part in loss prevention work.

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