Kicking off 2021

Poul Steffensen
Head of Business Area Industrial, If

Editorial, Risk Consulting 1/2021

Behind the coronavirus headlines, travel restrictions and vaccine related news, businesses continue to face traditional risks. In this issue of Risk Consulting, we look at the challenges that companies face in their daily operations.

Fire is still the ‘hottest’ topic when it comes to everyday risks. Read the article on the various risks relating to hot work. Working with an open flame continues to be a major risk for companies, and it is important to establish and enforce practices that prevent accidents and losses from happening. Did you know that routine tasks can also be the most dangerous?

We also reflect on how trusted partnerships bring benefits to both the client and the insurer. Bringing in If’s Risk Engineers early on to a project allows our experts greater opportunity to mitigate any risks and prevent potential losses. Working by your side, we are better positioned to help ensure that projects are delivered safely and successfully, providing additional support to your project team.

Lessons learned from 2020

In 2020, companies and societies around the world faced arguably the most challenging year in recent history. In just a few months, the resilience of businesses, the power of government authorities, the efficiency of public healthcare, and the adaptability of people were all put to the test. Undoubtedly, the past year will be one of extensive study and reflection.

How well did we adapt to change? What worked and what did not go as planned? By actively evaluating some of the lessons from the past year, we now have an opportunity to establish and implement new practices into our risk management work.

This, in turn, will help increase safety and preparedness if we find ourselves in similar circumstances in the future. As 2021 kicks into gear, it is important to grow from our experiences and consider; what can we do differently this year?

Expanding digital offering

As a client, you have 24/7 access to our new Learning Hub in If Login. Visit the Risk Management Library to benefit from training courses developed exclusively for our clients and partners. Learn more about Learning Hub.

Covering a broad range of topics, from General Employee Safety to Successful Remote Work, these courses have been developed to help you both identify and manage risks in various scenarios and settings. On page 18, we bring highlights from the recently released Accident Investigation training.

Be sure to also regularly check If Login, as new features are continuously being implemented to further support our clients in their daily work.

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