Risk Consulting 2/2021

We are by your side, from enabling renewable energy projects to consulting on your risks and loss prevention to help secure your business and its continuity into the future.

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Articles in Risk Consulting 2/2021

  • Climate change will impact Nordic energy landscape

    Three significant trends drive the energy landscape currently; the shift towards renewable energy sources, the electrification of society and finally the increased risks of weather-related losses.

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  • Ping An uses artificial intelligence to detect greenwashing

    Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, used to analyze language from company disclosures, can help to detect potential “greenwashing” by high emission companies, according to the latest report from the Ping An
    Digital Economic Research Center.

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  • Cyber criminals target the energy sector

    The energy sector is increasingly targeted by cyber criminals whose goal is to steal data, disrupt or even shut down power production and distribution operations. There are different factors that can increase the sector’s vulnerability and attractiveness towards cyber criminals.

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  • COVID-19 accelerates cybercrime

    With the rise of digitalisation and remote work following the spread of COVID-19, companies have been racing to keep up with cyber criminals. As the pandemic continues to impact lives around the world, this ‘new normal’ way of working is posing challenges for companies and employees alike. How to mitigate the impacts of an attack on your company network?

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  • Driverless vehicles on the road – how close is our autonomous future?

    Although human errors can be minimised or even prevented with advanced driver assistance systems, the question remains: are autonomous, self-driving vehicles safe?

    What do If's specialists say about the risks?
  • Getting to grips with electrical fire risks

    Managing electrical fire risks can be a major challenge for clients who own and operate electrical equipment and installations. In the worst case, failing to understand the risks or neglecting to carefully address electrical risks can lead to situations where learning by trial and error becomes too commonplace.

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  • Drones take their place in the insurer’s toolbox

    Today, drones are used by individuals, industry, as well as government entities, to execute a variety of tasks and purposes. From conducting building safety inspections to gathering data over disaster areas, drones are becoming an essential tool for various industries for a variety of purposes. 

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  • Manage Motor claims in If Login

    Clients can now benefit from digital claims handling efficiency also for Motor claims in If Login. The If Login claim service was first introduced in 2019 for Prop-erty, Liability and Marine Cargo. Now we have added Motor to this service. We are committed to providing a user-friendly and transpar-ent claims handling service, where everything is available in a single view.

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