Risk Consulting 2/2023

Reaching the full potential from a diverse workforce, requires a high level of psychological safety to foster a culture where challenging one another is

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    Ensuring a smooth start to working life

    A growing concern in the workplace: mental health issues are on the rise and challenging young people’s working ability - how can workplaces support young adults’ mental health and well-being?

    By Tuomas Kaleva, Vilma Torkko and Katrine Ravn 26/09/2023
    young employee walking to work.
  2. plastic pollution in sea water.
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    Renewable energy industry risks and insurance liabilities

    The need to accelerate the shift to low-carbon energy sources will require significant investments if the planet is to reach net-zero by 2050. However, there will be considerable challenges to come. In this article, we analyse the primary risks for the renewable energy industry sector as well as potential insurance industry liabilities moving forward.

    renewable energy sources, solar panel, windmill.
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    Supporting renewable offshore developments

    Offshore wind power generation is projected to be one of the most promising renewable energy sources during the next few decades, and the renewable sector as a whole is attracting significant financial expenditure and large-scale investments.

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    EU paves the way for a solar powered future

    The fear of rising energy costs, alongside concerns around energy security following Russia’s attack on Ukraine, are pushing governments and agencies to find solutions that will safeguard our modern way of life. 

    Anders Rørvik Ellingbø 18/10/2023
    solar powered future
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    ISO 31030 & Travel Risk Management with Falck Global Assistance

    If P&C has taken care of travellers all over the world for over 30 years. Emergency assistance is an integrated part of If’s travel insurance service without any additional cost to the client.