Great employees drive value


At If Insurance, we need the right competencies to provide excellent customer service, value adding expertise, smooth claims handling as well as keep up with innovation and technological development.

Having the right competencies does not necessarily require many years of experience within the insurance field. A diverse workforce includes people who come from other industries, which in our experience brings new perspectives and works very well with experienced insurance specialists. This has been proven to be the best combination to increase value and strengthen collaboration.

The state of the current labour market requires businesses to reconsider how they recruit, retain and motivate their employees. In today’s competitive business landscape, having the right employees is paramount to the success of any organisation.

The full potential from a diverse workforce

Reaching the full potential from a diverse workforce, requires a high level of psychological safety to foster a culture where challenging one another is encouraged. To dare to speak up, have an open mind, and question the conventional way of doing things, are highly appreciated at If. Additionally, having a flat organisational structure helps to promote this culture. This not only enhances employee engagement but also brings a wider range of perspectives to the table when making important decisions. Ultimately, I believe that having fun at work and being in a positive environment inspires all of us to work better.

In today’s market, attracting and retaining young talent, sets new demands for employers. This is not only about having the right benefits and incentives, but we must also be able to put increased focus on mental health and well-being. Today, the most common cause for temporary or permanent occupational disability amongst the young workforce in the Nordic countries is related to mental health.

In this issue

In this issue of Risk Consulting Magazine, we dive into how workplaces can support young adults’ to thrive in the workplace, and how we can keep our young workforce engaged, motivated and foster a psychologically safe work environment. We also provide insights into the new EU proposal on solar power and look into renewable energy risks. Additionally, you can read about forever chemicals (PFAS), as well as learn about marine installation risks.

We hope you enjoy these articles and feel free to reach out to your Account Executive with any questions.

Written by

Poul Steffensen, Head of BA Industrial