Risk Consulting 2/2020


COVID-19 impacts all of us

The lockdown following the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak pushed us all to adapt to a new and uncertain situation over the course of just a few weeks. Restaurants, stores and offices closed around the world as global trade slowed significantly. Supply chains were interrupted, greatly impacting normal operations for businesses of all sizes.

The travel sector was hit especially hard, while other industries saw a boom in demand as sales of products such as pasta and hand sanitizer grew. Some companies managed to maintain production and manufacturing operations, however many public sector and service industry employees were hit with unemployment at an alarming level.

According to the United Nations in March 2020*), the coronavirus outbreak may potentially cost the global economy up to $1 trillion this year. In the Nordics, trade has slowed down significantly, and the global economy faces its biggest challenge to date.

At If, we have been working hard through this crisis to provide the best possible support to all our clients, partners and communities. During this exceptional spring, I am proud to say we have maintained the good service level and accessibility we are known for.

In this issue of Risk Consulting Magazine, we take a look at topics that relate to the impacts of COVID-19, including supply chain disruption, locking down of facilities and how to efficiently and safely work remotely. We also provide insights into sustainability in the insurance industry, take a look at 5G technology and launch our new  If Learning Hub service. 

Poul Steffensen
Head of Business Area Industrial, If

Poul Steffensen.

Creating certificates in If Login

Our digital service, If Login, is constantly being updated and recently we introduced the new certificate functionality. The update includes the possibility to create certificates for Employee Benefits and Worker’s Compensation directly via If Login. If you need a certificate for Travel or an Expat employee, you can now access these anytime, 24/7.

The renewed service is even more user-friendly than before, we are happy to offer pre-filled forms, to help clients remember all the necessary policy details and information when creating certificates.

 Visit If Login page to learn more!

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