Risk Consulting 4/2021

Insights into risk management and loss prevention.

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  1. News

    If sets ambitious climate targets

    We believe that we all must contribute to fulfilling the Paris Agreement. That is why we have raised our ambitions and committed to the SBTi initiative, says CEO of If Insurance, Morten Thorsrud.

  2. Article

    Flooding in Germany - a Risk Management perspective

    Preparing for the adverse effect of climate change will require a proactive approach. 

    Caroline Bødkerholm and Ottmar Zeizinger, If 07/12/2021
  3. Insights

    Fire prevention and management from space

    The increasing duration of wildfire seasons and the severity of the fires are problems of increasing global impact and consequent concern.

  4. Insights

    Rising raw material prices increase the risk of underinsurance

    Rebuilding a facility or repairing business critical machinery can be more expensive, due to recent and substantial price increases in raw materials.

    Birgitte Ringbæk, If 07/12/2021
  1. Insights

    We should talk about intellectual property

    While companies usually focus on managing their tangible assets, Intellectual Property (IP) sometimes gets ignored.

    Thomas Westerlund and Erkki Yli-Juuti, Condico IP 08/12/2021
  2. Insights

    New ISO Standards for solid biofuels and waste

    What measures should be taken into consideration in the safe handling and storage of solid biofuels? And how should If Insurance incorporate best practice standards?

    Caroline Bødkerholm and Henrik Karlsson, If 08/12/2021
  3. Insights

    Why we can’t fix the ransomware problem

    Five years have passed since the first widespread ransomware incident; the global WannaCry cyberattack.

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