If sets ambitious climate targets

We believe that we all must contribute to fulfilling the Paris Agreement. That is why we have raised our ambitions and committed to the SBTi initiative, says CEO of If Insurance, Morten Thorsrud.

Climate change affects us all and the latest climate science sends a clear warning – we must act in order to limit global warming. We believe long-term actions are required from all of us: governments, citizens and corporations.

“This is why we have decided to raise our ambitions and commit to the Science Based Targets initiative and have set ambitious climate goals in line with the Paris Agreement. As the leading insurance company in the Nordics, we hope to set an example that others will follow,” says CEO, Morten Thorsrud.

Through the SBTI’s global standards we will ensure the quality of our sustainability work, so that we contribute to limiting the global temperature rise to 2°C, and preferably 1.5°C.

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