Risk Consulting 1/2023

The green energy market continues to grow and is developing quickly both
from a business and a technology point of view.

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    Understanding the energy mix

    To achieve net-zero emissions, there are many critical elements that need to be addressed. There is no doubt that the green transition, and finding new ways to power the world, is a must – it is something we simply must aim for in the future. However, this green transition as we know it retains some problems that are not yet solved.

    Netta Keski-Keturi, Property Underwriter, Chairperson of Energy Competence Center 20/04/2023
    Metals and minerals.
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    Brownouts and blackouts pose risks

    While a blackout will cut the flow of electricity completely, a brownout will maintain power, but at reduced capacity or with partial outages. These events can impact business operations and potentially severely impact production operations, for example.

    Kristian Orispää 12/05/2023
    power lines at night time.
  3. building site at night time.
  4. building site at night time.
  1. Insights

    Well-ventilated containers protect goods

    Most goods shipped around the world are transported in containers. There are many different types and sizes of cargo transport units, but they all have one thing in common; the container must be in sound condition and properly vented.

    Rikard Sahl and Kristian Orispää 12/05/2023
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    If requires its Industrial clients to be responsible 

    If Insurance added The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact as part of the risk assessment of business customers in 2021. A number of If’s business customers have since developed the responsibility of their operations; however, some client relationships have also had to be terminated.

    Morten Thorsrud photo.
  3. Insights

    Cyber insurance and ransom payments

    Ransomware has in recent years become the most feared computer related event globally by companies of all sizes and is fueling the recent growth in cyber insurance.

    Mikko Peltonen, Head of Digital Risks and Cyber 15/05/2023
    server room.
  4. Report

    The Nordic Health Survey 2023

    Key findings

    Nordic Health Survey report booklet image.
  5. Service

    Have you used our digital risk management services? 

    Are your employees aware of the cyber risks that we may face in our daily life? Or would you like to get help from If to onboard new employees and summer trainees? Accidents do not happen very often - luckily - so do you remember what to look for when starting the investigation?

    Salla Lind-Kohvakka 20/04/2023
    Women in the office.

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