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Navigating in an ever-changing risk landscape

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    Emerging risks in focus

    The world is ever-evolving and new unexpected challenges, often referred to as “emerging risks”, have surfaced, posing significant threats to businesses and society at large. Climate change, cybersecurity issues, and supply chain disruption stand out as the top three emerging risks in If Insurance’s emerging risk work, reshaping the landscape for companies and insurers.

    Matti Sjögren and Vilma Torkko, If 08/04/2024
    Metals and minerals.
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    What to watch out for with lithium-ion batteries?

    Lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion) are widely used in various devices and machinery today, powering the way we live, work, and connect. The number of devices using Li-ion batteries in households and businesses worldwide is enormous, since they are used everywhere, regardless of the industry.

    Tuomas Kaleva, If 08/04/2024
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    Lessons from a factory fire

    On 5 July 2022, a fire broke out in Swix’s factory in Lillehammer, Norway. The fire started in a boiler that supplies the factory with hot oil to produce ski wax and glider. Production was interrupted and the warehouse was at risk of burning down.

    Caroline Bødkerholm, If 09/04/2024
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    Recurring floods at High Chaparral

    In January 2023, large areas of High Chaparral, a wild west theme park in Sweden, was under water. In this article, we dive into the learnings from this flood event, the risk management plan put forward, and how the park was restored in time for the start of season.

    Caroline Bødkerholm, If 09/04/2024
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    Prioritising personnel risk management

    Personnel risks rank as a top priority in many companies. Well-being and safety are inevitably linked to company performance, culture, and development. Personnel risks are numerous, multi-faceted and changing with the world around us.

    Salla Lind-Kohvakka, Nordic Digital Risk Manager 10/04/2024
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    Strategic recall readiness for businesses

    In the landscape of product manufacturing and distribution, the prospect of a recall is an omnipresent risk that can affect any item on the market – from a simple toy to the most complex automobile.

    Originally published in 2015, written by Rikke Berlin Rasmussen and updated by Kimmo Hattunen, If (2024) 10/04/2024
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    Breakdown of cold chain breaches

    Transport of temperature-sensitive materials such as medical products and foodstuffs has always been linked to increased risk of damage during transport of either complete or partial consignments.

    Published 2010 by Peter Bredal Mikkelsen. Updated by Caroline Bødkerholm, If 10/04/2024

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