Navigating in an ever-changing risk landscape

As the risk landscape is dynamic, new threats continue to shape the world around us.

Emerging risks such as cybersecurity threats, critical infrastructure blackouts, climate change and PFAS are just a few examples of the complex challenges we are facing. In order to succeed, we will all be required to adapt and remain flexible through continuous and proactive engagement. These challenges will require increased co-operation.

With this rapidly changing risk landscape, we focus on giving our clients the confidence and support to overcome obstacles and move forward in turbulent times. The stability we provide enables our clients to navigate uncertainties and concentrate on their core objectives and growth initiatives.

Across the Nordic countries, we want to give our clients reliable advice in the area of risk management and loss prevention. Through our competence centres, we share expertise and knowledge in various industries to help provide our clients with optimal solutions that best suit their needs and requirements.

We are proud to have these competence centres to study the development of risks connected to energy, forest and natural hazards. We continue the good and important work we have done for many years, as it is crucial for us as an insurer and for you as a client. Consequently, we are ready to share knowledge, learnings and insights on recent research and provide guidance on risk mitigating factors.

In this first issue of Risk Consulting magazine in 2024, you can read more about emerging risks and our insights on the current risk landscape. Turning the pages, you will read articles about personnel risk exposures, lithium-ion batteries, and learn lessons from losses.

Written by

Poul Steffensen, Head of BA Industrial, If