Risk Consulting 4/2020

Protecting life and property through safety research

At If, we have always had fire safety at the core of our risk management operations. To support our clients, we offer our expertise and experience gained over decades.

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Articles in Risk Consulting 4/2020

  • Why is safety research important?

    Safety research is a continuous effort to improve upon existing products, tools, materials, systems and equipment to ensure safe execution of a task. If is actively involved in safety-related research projects across the Nordics.

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  • How will climate change impact power generation?

    Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, the World Economic Forum had highlighted, that climate change was the greatest threat to businesses and industries. Do we understand the climate impacts and opportunities for increased sustainability in the power generation industry.

    How does the future look like?
  • Understanding electric vehicle fires

    The popularity of electric vehicles (EV) and the use of lithium-ion batteries is booming. However, the risk of fires in EVs has received attention due to widespread concerns. One such concern is related to the fumes that rise from a burning vehicle.

    Learn about the special risks with EVs
  • Putting fire safety first

    The likelihood of fire hazards in modular constructions has received new attention after the Moorfield Hotel fire in the summer of 2020. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the risk of fire hazards in especially modular and prefabricated buildings. 

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  • Securing fire doors and fire sliding doors

    To see the importance of having fire rules and fire prevention work,
    we must turn back the time. Large city fires have been a major problem during the past. What should be considered with your passive fire protection? 

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  • Getting ready for a change in European standards

    In November 2019, the coexistence phase for the harmonised European product standard EN16034 expired. After this date all exterior and industrial fire doors should be CE marked. No national approvals are valid since then.

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  • Liability risks in the United States

    According to Barclays Research analysis, during late 2018 to 2019, the rates for 2019 on general liability increased 2% in Q1 to 5% in Q3 in average. On individual basis rate increases were up to 25%. Further increases are expected for 2020, driven by “industry-wide unsustainable loss ratios”

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  • Claims are impacting the US casualty market

    The US casualty claims have always been a source of concern for insurers. This has been exasperated over the past years as claims have continued to rise in the US at an even higher rate than other regions.

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  • Digital claims handling increases efficiency

    In 2019, If P&C Insurance introduced a new claims process for Industrial clients and brokers in the online If Login portal. The aim of the new service has been to increase transparency and further simplify the claims handling process for our clients.

    Learn what our clients say about the service
  • Sustainability risks and future energy solutions

    Climate change is one of the core risks that If P&C Insurance is following to secure its ability to serve its clients in their risk management. The worst predictions are dim, and the stakes are high, but the world has already started to move towards sustainability.

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