Digital claims handling increases efficiency

In 2019,  If P&C Insurance introduced a new claims process for Industrial clients and brokers in the online If Login portal. The aim of the new service has been to increase transparency and further simplify the claims handling process for our clients.

Article by Kristian Orispää

The new claims handling service allows clients and brokers to register a claim for Liability, Property, or Marine Cargo in If Login via pre-filled registration forms. Attachments can be added to the claim, including documents and pictures.

The claims handler and the client can communicate within If Login where also all necessary details of the claim are displayed. All the details are in one place and clients can review the progress of their claim, receive alerts on any status changes, new messages or when a document is published. This gives the user a full overview of what is going on in each claim and what has been communicated within that specific claim.

Benefits of easier claim handling

According to Tania Kerbs, Product Owner for If Login, “when the client has submitted the claim, they can follow its progress in real-time. If any additional information is needed for the claim, details can be discussed directly in If Login between the client and the claims handler. Everything relating to the client’s claim is documented in one place, including the claim decision documentation.”

If Login brings added value and benefits to claims handling, some of these include:

  • Easier registration
    Pre-filled registration forms, including company and user information, speed up registration
  • Email alerts
    Clients will never miss any important details, thanks to email notifications which are sent when any changes are made to the claim.
  • Remove any personal dependencies
    Multiple users can participate in the registration and communicate with the claims handler, in a safe, secure, and GDPR compliant environment.
  • Everything in one place
    Registration, claim details, the activity log, attached documents and messages to and from the claims handler are all located in the same place, reducing the need to search through emails for information.

Client perspectives

If P&C Insurance is supporting its clients, and almost all new developments in If Login are based on customers’ needs. We regularly interact with clients to ensure they are provided with solutions that truly add value.

Clients especially appreciate the possibility to follow the claims process, keeping them up to date on how their claim is being handled. Anna Pajunen, Logistics Specialist, Kalmar Services at Cargotec Finland Oy highlights that the usability and functionalities in If Login have steadily developed over the years.

“If Login is easy to use and allows me to stay on top of things. When handling multiple claims, If Login provides a clear overview of which claims are open and which have been closed.

I appreciate the communication functionalities, which allows me to track the conversations that have been communicated with If directly per each claim. These discussions were previously managed over email, which was cumbersome to follow.”

Clients especially appreciate the possibility to follow the claims process, keeping them up to date on how their claim is being handled.

David Prins, Return Handling Expert & Non-Conformity Expert with Transportation Claims, at Wärtsilä Global Logistics Services states, “If Login is user-friendly, convenient, and I am very happy about having a single location which stores all the documents.

I have a total overview of all ongoing claims, rather than having to go through separate documents when handling a claim. The alerts are also a very good feature, I appreciate that the link in the email will take me directly to the claim in question, which makes working with If Login very easy. Overall, my experience has been very good.”

Client needs drive development

The demand for digital capabilities, and all the requirements relating to If Login development work, comes from our clients. According to Anne Ramsby, Head of Industrial Sales in Denmark at If, ‘We start to see in tender material from Global clients the request for ‘digital preparedness’ where communication around claims is one of the important parameters in their request. To meet their requests, we actively work on our solution and are committed to If Login’s competitiveness in the marketplace.”

Carl-Johan Björkgren, Development Manager at If,  “Going forward, Motor and Employee Benefits claims will also be added to the service, offering similar digital capabilities for more claim types. Future development work includes adjustments to claims reporting, based on feedback received from both If employees and clients. When clients and brokers have a need for claim statistics, If Login aims to be the primary channel to find the information.”  

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