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  • lightning strikes solar panels.

    Solar panel fires

    Recently, media outlets from Japan to Norway have raised questions around fire safety and solar panels. Even when fires occur for reasons unrelated to solar panels, these modules can in fact play a role in both the intensity and speed of a spreading blaze.

    Read more about preventing solar panel fires
  • Taking the Assume Breach approach

    Against current and future cyber threats, it is important to have an ‘Assume Breach’ mindset. Sooner or later, a cyber incident will inevitably happen. Whether the attack is a smaller or bigger incident, it’s crucial that you have prepared yourself for such a situation.

    What is an ‘Assume Breach’ mindset?
  • men working at metro construction site.

    Delivering the 'Cityringen' project

    The ‘Cityringen’ project in Copenhagen was completed with the opening of the new M3 Cityringen line in September of 2019. The biggest infrastructure project in Copenhagen since the 17th century,

    Learn about challenges in the project
  • Sustainability risks and future energy solutions

    Climate change is one of the core risks that If P&C Insurance is following to secure its ability to serve its clients in their risk management. The worst predictions are dim, and the stakes are high, but the world has already started to move towards sustainability.

    Read what must be taken into consideration
  • wind mill construction site

    Enabling renewable energy projects

    The rise of renewables is one of the biggest changes in the global energy supply. With increasing awareness on the negative impact of fossil fuels, the focus is on the transition to renewable energy. The Nordic region has a long history in renewable energy.

    Take a look at the risks in offshore projects
  • Get the most out of If Login

    In just a couple of minutes, you can learn how to get the most out of our digital service. There are currently four videos available, which provide insights into the Risk Map, certificates and how to handle claims.

    Watch the new If Login videos
  • Accident investigations drive safety improvements

    Despite advances in safety and risk management, accidents and incidents happen. The outcome from an accident can vary greatly - sometimes almost identical chains of events can result in totally different outcomes. 

    Learn more about accident investigation
  • Why trusted partnerships are valuable

    If P&C Insurance has a relationship with Essity that goes back several decades, as an insurer, reinsurer of the Essity captive and as a risk management service provider. If's Risk Engineers were actively involved in the planning and delivery stages of the Kostheim plant project.

    Read about collaborating to manage risks in a project
  • The way we fly has changed

    Whether you are a business traveller or taking a journey for personal recreation, the way we travel has changed. There are some notable changes to preparing for travel, considerations to take into account while in your travel destination, and actions that need to be taken after your trip.

    What are the risks inveolved when travelling?
  • Hotwork continues to cause major fires

    Fire losses resulting from errors made and risks taken during hot work are all too commonplace. Failure to implement the simplest safety measures can result in expensive claims, impacting business operations from project delays to, in the worst case, loss of life.

    Learn how to limit fire incidents
  • Managing Cargo risks and losses

    Protecting your goods in transit, or in intermediate storage in conjunction with an insured transit, from loss or damage is vital. For many manufacturing and wholesale businesses, the supply chain is an instrumental part of daily operations.

    Read about our new insurance solution
  • Insiders, hackers and government attacks

    Cyber attacks are on the rise, both in intensity and frequency. Many companies are focusing on their IT security infrastructure and training employees to help prevent potential attacks.

    What do experts say about the future of cyber?
  • Liability risks in the United States

    According to Barclays Research analysis, during late 2018 to 2019, the rates for 2019 on general liability increased 2% in Q1 to 5% in Q3 in average. On individual basis rate increases were up to 25%. Further increases are expected for 2020, driven by “industry-wide unsustainable loss ratios”

    Get insight from Joe Pino from Liberty Mutual
  • Claims are impacting the US casualty market

    The US casualty claims have always been a source of concern for insurers. This has been exasperated over the past years as claims have continued to rise in the US at an even higher rate than other regions.

    Read more and see the recommendations
  • Digital claims handling increases efficiency

    In 2019, If P&C Insurance introduced a new claims process for Industrial clients and brokers in the online If Login portal. The aim of the new service has been to increase transparency and further simplify the claims handling process for our clients.

    Learn what our clients say about the service
  • Is your business ready for the winter?

    The cold months are quickly approaching, and with them come snow, wind, rain and ice. Even though accidents happen all year round, there are several incidents that specifically occur during the wintertime.

    How to manage snow load risks?
  • decorative image.

    Attempting to distance businesses from litigation in the US during and following a pandemic

    The economic impact of COVID-19 remains unpredictable as unemployment rates reach unprecedented levels while a significant part of the world remains shuttered with a staggered timeline for reopening.  To date, numerous lawsuits related to COVID-19 have been filed in the United States.

    Article by Lindsay E. Dansdill
  • Securing production at Danish Crown

    By conducting a risk assessment, you can detect existing problems, locate potential issues and review existing controls. Danish Crown Group, a food processing company and the leading meat processing producer in Europe,  places IT Security high on the corporate agenda.

    How to mitigate cyber-attacks on operations?
  • unfinished office building construction site.

    When the work stops

    Although many CAR/EAR projects are delivered smoothly, construction projects can face delays and unforeseen challenges that impact construction or erection works. Standstills and the temporary suspension of work on any project can lead to serious losses.

    See top tips to avoid losses in CAR/EAR projects
  • decorative image

    What makes a sustainable insurance company?

    Climate change continues to pose serious risks on business operations. Extreme weather, climate action failure, natural disasters, biodiversity loss and human-made environmental disasters were ranked as the top risks in terms of impact and likelihood. Insurance companies play an important role in supporting the transition to greener and cleaner ways of operating. 

    How to handle damages in a sustainable way?
  • Putting fire safety first

    The likelihood of fire hazards in modular constructions has received new attention after the Moorfield Hotel fire in the summer of 2020. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the risk of fire hazards in especially modular and prefabricated buildings.

    Learn about fire hazards in modular constructions
  • Managing risks through If Login

    Our digital service, If Login, provides an overview of earthquakes and tropical cyclones worldwide. The unique insight increases awareness and provides an overview of potential risks.

    Learn more about the risk map

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  • Cyber Risks

    As we become more dependent on technology and interconnectivity, risks towards systems and information connected to the internet are of highest concern to business leaders.

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  • image of empty mall.

    Business Interruption

    The main purpose for most businesses is to create a positive net result. This will enable the business not only to survive in the long run but also to grow and develop. Protect the profit and loss statement of your company.

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  • Natural Hazards

    Increase in weather-related risks, global warming and climate change have become major issues and have an impact in business decisions. What happens if a severe natural event hits?

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