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  • Putting fire safety first

    The likelihood of fire hazards in modular constructions has received new attention after the Moorfield Hotel fire in the summer of 2020. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the risk of fire hazards in especially modular and prefabricated buildings.

    Learn about fire hazards in modular constructions
  • Managing risks through If Login

    Our digital service, If Login, provides an overview of earthquakes and tropical cyclones worldwide. The unique insight increases awareness and provides an overview of potential risks.

    Learn more about the risk map

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  • Cyber Risks

    As we become more dependent on technology and interconnectivity, risks towards systems and information connected to the internet are of highest concern to business leaders.

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  • image of empty mall.

    Business Interruption

    The main purpose for most businesses is to create a positive net result. This will enable the business not only to survive in the long run but also to grow and develop. Protect the profit and loss statement of your company.

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  • heavy lightning and thunder

    Natural Hazards

    Increase in weather-related risks, global warming and climate change have become major issues and have an impact in business decisions. What happens if a severe natural event hits?

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  • Risk Consulting 1/2020

    Read about protecting your project from start-up delays, enabling renewable energy projects and how to avoid losses in CAR/EAR project. And much more in the special construction issue of Risk Consulting.

    Risk Consulting issue 1/2020
  • Risk Consulting 2/2020

    In this issue of Risk Consulting Magazine, we take a look at topics that relate to the impacts of COVID-19, including supply chain disruption, locking down of facilities and how to efficiently and safely work remotely. 

    Risk Consulting issue 2/2020
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