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Is the future a risk or an opportunity?

Many globally transient phenomena, or megatrends, are currently in progress, ranging from environmental to technological and economic developments. From globalisation to climate change, these trends are making it increasingly difficult to predict the future. Heikki Aittokoski, foreign news reporter of Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, provided insights on this theme at If's Risk Management Day in Helsinki, in March. Read the article.

Current risks in the world economy

The political and economic situation in the world is in constant flux with a lot of local and global events having their impact on the situation. We talked to Business Sweden Chief Economist Lena Sellgren about the current situation regarding the world economy and the risks to look out for. Read the article.

Covering the risks of the future

If is known in the market as a competent insurance company that truly understands risks. To keep that position, we focus on and invest in developing our business – so we can change fast and meet our clients' expectations. These days, we are working to give our clients an easy and seamless experience. Read the article

Your data matters

Data protection is more than a compliance issue.

We know you care about your privacy and respect that. Our business is to protect our clients for all events. This also applies to the personal information we share. We exchange a vast amount of personal data with our customers on a daily basis. It can be any information connected to a person, directly or indirectly. Read the article

Data protection is more than a compliance issue.

Drones in insurance field work

Drone technology has developed fast during the last decade. Possibilities to utilize drones in insurance related fieldwork is becoming more versatile and cost efficient as technology develops and becomes commercially available.

We believe that using drones can speed up claims handling, and provide more systematic and accurate data collection, for the benefit of our clients. Read the article

Prevent email spoofing and keep information safe

Do you know how your company can reduce phishing emails targeting your brand? Email scams have increased rapidly in recent years. For example, in 2016 a Swedish manufacturer lost SEK 25 million due to this kind of scam. In these cases, criminals impersonate a company executive and send a fake email message to selected employees, tricking them into wiring funds. Read the article

How do you protect yourself from terrorism?

Terror attacks are hard to predict, but terrorist expert Hans Brun does have a couple of tips to companies and industries that want to protect their businesses. Bombs, vehicles, lone wolves and coordinated attacks. Terror, blood and chaos. The threat of terrorism lies like a shadow over Europe and the rest of the world. Read the article

The Duty of Care for Nordic companies

What do you need to do to meet your employer's obligations towards your employees both home and abroad?

An employee of yours was injured and kidnapped, along with three colleagues, following an attack during a work related trip to Kenya. After four days as hostages, they were set free. Three years later, the employee sues you, his employer company, for compensation for economic and non-economic loss following the kidnapping. The case goes to court. The employee wins. Read the article

Is your company prepared for autonomous vehicles?

Autonomous vehicles are coming. They will make traffic safer, less congested and cleaner. There will be more car and ride sharing, reduced labor costs in freight transport, and greater mobility and social participation among the disabled and elderly.

Perhaps you are not in the transportation business, and as such, you do not continuously monitor the development of autonomous vehicles. In this newsletter, we examine the innovation race concerning autonomous vehicles, and its implication for our business customers. Read the article