Heat and electricity are two fundamental forms of energy delivered every day from power plants to societies to support industrial processes. 

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A disruption in the supply may have great implications for industry as well as citizens. The power generation matrix is now in a transition period away from fossil fuels including coal, oil and gas to renewable energy such as wind and solar.

However, the new technologies are exposed to increasing numbers of wild fire events, flooding and wind storms to mention a few. Additionally, hydrogen and battery storage also face fire and explosion risks as part of their nature.

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    Energy outlook 2022

    With the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions in recent months, the world was thought to be arriving in a position where it could further accelerate away from its reliance on fossil fuels. Then, in late February 2022, the war in Ukraine began and this will also impact the transition from carbon-derived fuels to more sustainable and renewable energy sources.

    Fredrik Aronsson and Caroline A. Bødkerholm, If 09/05/2022
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    Enabling renewable energy projects 

    The rise of renewables is one of the biggest changes in the global energy supply. With increasing awareness on the negative impact of fossil fuels, the focus is on the transition to renewable energy. In the past ten years, there have been significant advances in renewable energy, especially in solar and wind power.

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    Cyber criminals target the energy sector

    The energy sector is increasingly targeted by cyber criminals whose goal is to steal data, disrupt or even shut down power production and distribution operations.

    Caroline Bødkerholm, If 15/06/2021
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    Sustainability risks and future energy solutions

    Climate change is one of the core risks that If P&C Insurance is following to secure its ability to serve its clients in their risk management.

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    New ISO Standards for solid biofuels and waste

    What measures should be taken into consideration in the safe handling and storage of solid biofuels? And how should If Insurance incorporate best practice standards?

    Caroline Bødkerholm and Henrik Karlsson, If 08/12/2021
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    How will climate change impact power generation? 

    Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, the World Economic Forum had highlighted1), that climate change was the greatest threat to businesses and industries.