Natural Hazards

What is a natural hazard?

A natural hazard is a natural phenomenon that might have a negative effect on people or the environment. More specifically, the term "natural hazard" refers to all atmospheric, hydrologic, geologic (especially seismic and volcanic), and wildfire phenomena that, because of their location, severity, and frequency, have the potential to affect humans, their structures, or their activities adversely.

Management of “The catastrophic claim”

What will happen if you are hit by a major flood, storm or some other severe natural event? What if your clients or your most important suppliers are affected?

During the flood in Thailand, in 2011, large areas of industrial compounds were, more or less, inaccessible. What if your key suppliers are located in such an area? Are you prepared and how will your business be affected?

In what seems to be an evermore deteriorating climate situation, where storms, floods, heavy rains and the like are increasingly frequent, it is well worth spending some time to consider how you may prepare yourself and your business for such a scenario.

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Climate change adaptation

Climate change is expected to have serious impacts on housing and infrastructure.
No Swedish national strategy yet exists to facilitate the planning required to act upon it. The Swedish Geotechnical Institute (SGI) has, therefore, developed an action plan for adaptation of land use and ground constructions in the built environment.

Adaptation to climate change, particularly flood risks, may come to pose large challenges, in the future, and will require cooperation among a range of stakeholders.

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The progress of climate change is inevitable

During the last decade, the increase in weather-related risks, global warming and climate
change have become major issues in public debate and have impacted public decision-making.

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Flood risks management mus be stepped up

Modern finely tuned subcontracting and supply chains are extremely susceptible to disturbance. These cause customers bigger and bigger losses, and often the root cause is weather phenomena. For example, flood damage to a subcontractor may cause serious problems to a company. Read the whole article