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Globalization and rapid technological advances will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. There are unlimited possibilities with technology breakthroughs in fields such as artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, robotics. However, the rapid expansion and reliance on technology and interconnectivity is creating new risks for cyberattacks.

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    Cyber criminals target the energy sector

    The energy sector is increasingly targeted by cyber criminals whose goal is to steal data, disrupt or even shut down power production and distribution operations.

    Caroline Bødkerholm, If 15/06/2021
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    Trends in ransomware

    Ransomware is a very powerful weapon, causing a disproportionately high amount of disruption for the financial gain. Year 2017 was the year of ransomware. So was 2018. In 2019, things became much worse. In 2020 we are again reaching all-time highs in ransomware in terms of prevalence but also in business disruption caused. In this article, we look into how ransomware has evolved over the years, and consider the current trends.

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    Taking the Assume Breach approach

    In a world where people need to collaborate and communicate, and users work with various business systems, it’s outright impossible to reach 100% protection against all existing and future attacks. No defence is perfect, ever. Against current and future cyber threats, it is important to have an ‘Assume Breach’ mindset. This means that, sooner or later, a cyber incident will inevitably happen. Whether the attack is a smaller or bigger incident, it’s crucial that you have prepared yourself for such a situation.

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    Insiders, hackers and government attacks

    Cyber attacks are on the rise, both in intensity and frequency. Many companies are focusing on their IT security infrastructure and training employees to help prevent potential attacks.

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    Shopping for cyber

    In the world of rapid digitalisation, no company is guaranteed to be fully protected against cyber threats. This has led many organisations to seek protection also in the form of cyber insurance.

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    How your employees can help prevent cyber-attacks

    Cyber-attacks can cause serious business disruptions. Your own employees play an important role in fighting cyber threats every day. Unfortunately, employees often fail to consider why hackers might want to target them.

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    Protecting your industrial control systems from cyber risk

    It is important to understand that hacking of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) may cause injuries, loss of life, material damage or business interruption. A Denial of Service (DoS) attack or a ransomware spreading across your organization can make production systems unavailable or misbehave.

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    The promise of 5G

    What are the risks considering the key nature of 5G having an impact everywhere in the digitalised world?

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