Managing cyber risks

We strive to obtain information from various sources to better understand the digital risk we insure today, and need to insure  in the future.

Do you know your cyber risks?

Take a look below in four short videos with experts talking about managing cyber risks.

  • Learn about Defenders' and Attackers' Dilemma with Erka Koivunen, Chief Communication Security Officer, F-Secure
  • Can you answer five cyber risk questions all organisations should be able to answer? See recommendations from If's Cyber Risk Engineer Peter Granlud.
  • Watch also the top 5 recommendations from an insurer by Erik van der Heijden, Senior Risk Engineer, If.

All videos are from If Risk Management Day 2018 in Helsinki.

How to manage cyber risks

See experts talking about cyber

Videos from If Risk Management day 2018, Helsinki
  • You will be breached You will be breached, and there is nothing you can do about it? Erka Koivunen, Chief Information Security Officer, F-Secure (duration 3:53)
  • Cyber - Threats and risks Cyber - Threats and risks, Peter Granlund, Cyber Risk Engineer, If (duration 3:54)
  • Industrial control systems Cyber risks of industrial control systems, Erik van der Heijden, Senior Risk Engineer, If (duration 3:21)