Managing risks while travelling

The scale of travel risk is huge, from natural disasters to traffic accidents, more often from various sicknesses to hospital care. 

The well-being of personnel travelling has become an increasingly important part of an employer's duty of care.

When travel-related risks are constantly changing, it needs well planned and implemented travel risk management as well as a high level of knowledge of the risk profile of companies and locations where employees are traveling to. Especially when operating in high-risk geographical locations, an excellent plan is not enough - readiness to act fast is crucial.

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    Learn from expert

    Duty of Care is both a legal and a moral obligation for employers. Learn more about Duty of Care, what is it, why is it difficult to implement, what needs to be done. See Frederik Østerby, Chief Operating Officer, Guardian-srm talking about Duty of Care.

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  • The way we fly has changed

    Whether you are a business traveller or taking a journey for personal recreation, the way we travel has changed. There are some notable changes to preparing for travel, considerations to take into account while in your travel destination, and actions that need to be taken after your trip.

    What are the risks inveolved when travelling?
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    The Duty of Care for Nordic companies

    Employees who are sent on international assignments face many risks and threats. What do you need to do to meet your employer's obligations towards your employees both home and abroad?

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    What happens when your employee gets sick abroad?

    If’s Industrial clients have thousands of business travelers all over the world every day. Many have expatriates located in different countries. It is important that insurance cover fulfills the needs of travelling personnel.

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    How to protect yourself from terrorism

    Terror attacks are hard to predict. Terrorist expert Hans Brun has some tips to companies to protect their businesses. How to think and act in order to provide maximum protection to one’s business and employees?

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    Have a safe trip

    International work and travel are an integral part of the daily operations of multinational companies. Having a global business travel programme is an efficient way to handle the insurable travel risks.

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    Check list for "I travel"

    ​Frequent travellers develop routines to ease the challenges of travelling. Schedules, addresses, names, contact numbers to people you will meet etc. Follow the concept “I Travel”, to avoid moments of rush and anxiety.

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