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Important to be well prepared

In todays environment it is more important than ever to be well prepared when dealing with social media and handling a critical event like for a instance a recall.

A recall could be a result of some problem in the supply chain which is becoming increasingly complicated in todays globalized world.

Coop wants to be challenged on threats and risks

Coop is Denmark's biggest food retail company. Last winter the company put most of its insurance arrangements out to tender.

What does a Chief Risk Officer in Denmark's biggest food retail company think about the threat level of the future?

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Photo by Siine Fiig

When food becomes a threat

Recalls of food products are on the increase, and social media represent a rising threat in relation to this.

Some examples of risks in food industry are: listeria in smoked salmon. Salmonella found in minced beef. Yeast growing in skyr. Excessive amount of campylobacter bacteria in chicken. Pests found in packets of dried pasta. Risk of shards of glass in pasta sauce. Gas being formed in packs of chopped ham. Excessive amount of E coli bacteria in oysters. Risk of metal fragments in packs of chicken fillets.

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