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In case of Marine Cargo claim

Fire, theft, breakage, piracy, jettison, washing overboard and contribution to General Average are only a few of the major threats to your cargo.

We in If will provide with the best claims handling service available in the insurance market. Let our international team of claims adjusters and Maritime Lawyer handle your claims so that you can concentrate on your core business.

When there is a loss or damage under the policy, certain measures should be taken to ensure a proper handling and settlement of the claim.

To report a claim or to find information on what to do in case of an insured event choose a country according to your Company's Policy.

Average Agents

Notify the loss or damage to If P&C Insurance's average agent. The average agent makes a survey to establish the extent of the damage or loss, its cause, and other relevant facts bearing on the matter. The average agent may arrange a joint survey with carriers or other liable third party.
List of Average Agents


The insurable interest or obligation to take out insurance is usually determined by a term of delivery, such as Incoterms®.

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