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  • Taking the Assume Breach approach

    Against current and future cyber threats, it is important to have an ‘Assume Breach’ mindset. Sooner or later, a cyber incident will inevitably happen. Whether the attack is a smaller or bigger incident, it’s crucial that you have prepared yourself for such a situation.

    What is an ‘Assume Breach’ mindset?
  • Trends in ransomware

    Ransomware is a very powerful weapon, causing a disproportionately high amount of disruption for the financial gain. In 2020, the ransomware business has further evolved, and the criminal gangs have come up with new business models. 

    How ransomware has evolved?
  • The threat from within

    Employees today work very differently to those just 15 years ago. At the core of this, lies data and information which is increasingly valuable to criminals. By default, employees are expected to behave in a way that protects the company and secures its operations. 

    How to reduce the risk of insider threats?
  • Cyber insurance market evolving with the support of reinsurance

    Information technology is widely seen as a major contributor to the growth of the global economy during the past decades. For example, business productivity, democratised information (alongside the emergence of fake news) and various other impacts caused by the digital revolution during the past two decades

    Learn about cyber risk transfer
  • Putting fire safety first

    The likelihood of fire hazards in modular constructions has received new attention after the Moorfield Hotel fire in the summer of 2020. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the risk of fire hazards in especially modular and prefabricated buildings.

    Learn about fire hazards in modular constructions
  • Managing risks through If Login

    Our digital service, If Login, provides an overview of earthquakes and tropical cyclones worldwide. The unique insight increases awareness and provides an overview of potential risks.

    Learn more about the risk map
  • Now it’s possible to create certificates for Liability directly via If Login. When you need an insurance certificate, you can now access these anytime, anywhere, 24/7. The renewed service is fast and easy to use. Customise the certificate to suite your needs from the pre-filled policy details and then simply select the scope of cover you need.