Report a travel claim

Please choose the type of your loss to report a claim and find more information about how to fill the claim report below.

During assignment During business or leisure trip

A claim regarding leisure accident or health

You can report a claim regarding a group leisure time accident insurance or health insurance here.

How to report?

Please fill in a separate claim form for each insured person and each illness or type of claim.

Check your policy number from your insurance card or your employer before you start filling in the claim form.

Report a personal or luggage loss which occurred during a business trip or an assignment conveniently by using online claim form. If needed, you can also report a personal claim by using printable claim form.

You do not have to send the original receipts to us, but we will ask for them if needed. Please keep the originals to yourself for 6 months after sending the claim.  Please find more information about what documents we may need regarding different types of claims.

We are processing personal data of our customers in compliance with the applicable insurance and data protection legislation. More information about processing personal data can be found at Handling of personal data and data privacy.